Charming spot, Historical building

The Lifeboat Fire Station in Międzyzdroje, where PORT restaurant is now located, was used to help with accidents at sea. Since 1950, the building was administrated by the Szczecin Maritime Authority and was used as a supply store and warehouses. Later it served as a garage for the equipment which was used for preservation of coastal dunes.

The distinctive feature of the historical building apart of the background nearby fishing port and Kawcza Mountain is its original architecture. Right at the cliff, on the slope of Kawcza Mountain, there is a vantage point.

The theme of a historic firehouse in Międzyzdroje has for years been used by painters and artist-photographers. As an example can be Wiesław Śniadecki’s illustrations and watercolors which are full of mysterious aura.

Sea all the way to the horizon

PORT Restaurant is the perfect place for those seeking a holiday by the sea even after the summer season ends. We have a terrace with a hypnotising sea view.

Nearby PORT Restaurant runs a tourist trail to Kawcza Mountain. Prospect from the cliff is a feast for the eyes: in front of you the endless sea extends all the way to the horizon.